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Bring Your Dream, The Rest is On Us.

No matter what your goal is, there may be dozens of options you should compare.
Don't struggle woth the options, but just tell us your goal and dream.
Tgrape is always ready to listen and realize your dream in the most efficient way.


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Hello we are Tgrape Corporation.
Last year our company Tgrape went through many trials and changes. "the easiest mobile Big Data analytic platform " is finished with the beta test and formally opened in August. Now we are working with many great partners

We are also cooperating with Samsung and KT to expand our service, and other additional projects will continue in 2014.

In 2014, We promise to provide more excellent services that other companies can use.

Tgrape Partners

partner_samsung partner_kt partner_ibk partner_oncc partner_everyon
bg-fingraph, the easiest mobile analytics platform. is built to save your company's effort by showing the insight of your app data in the most direct way.
It is efficent, visualized, and easily understood. With, you don't need to hire Data Scientist to fight with numbers and charts.

Publish & Marketing

Tgrape provides consulting and marketing services
for mobile applications in Korea, China and also in global scale.

  • Consulting service for mobile applications provided through country-specific approach based on our numerous multicultural app development experiences
  • Providing app translation and analysis service in multi languages
  • Exclusive marketing channels
  • Through communication channels with oversea app development firms, providing multilateral and smart marketing service
  • Maintaining international networks of local app stores through our HongKong branch company, Smart2On Ltd


Whatever you eat, you need Napk-in

You may know there are dozens of food-searching services. But you may only see the top-rated restaurants which never changed. Napk-in, the revolutionary food app, goes deeper than any other competitors. With the tap-saving UI, you can tag serveral features with few efforts. And with these tags from users, Napk-in will show you a snapshot of the food culture of your town.

Business Solution

Professionals, waiting for a new challenge

Tgrape has built up diverse systems and infra structure for many clients' new business.


Development and maintenance of the app recommending service "S Suggest" as a pre-loaded app on Samsung Smart devices globally, covering more than 100 countries.


We bulit the KT CallLink advertising service for KT to help advertiser put their information and contact together with the search result on main portal sites.


Inderstraial Bank of Korea use our service to analysis the user behavior and improve the user experience of its service


South Korea(HQ)

2F 3F, Nobless B/D, Bangbae-dong,
20, Bangbae-ro 22-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, KOREA


RUnit 206B, 2/F. Photonics Centre
No. 2 Science Park East Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong


RM 707, Sunshine Golf Building,
Futian District, Shennan Road 7008, shenzhen, China

Silicon Valley(U.S)

3003 North First Street #213,
San Jose, California 95134


Mobile Application

Business Solution

Investment &

Tgrape Inc. ㅣ CEO : John Kim ㅣ Business Registration : 211-88-04147 | TEL : +82.2.514.4142~3 | FAX : +82.2.6442.4143 | E-mail :

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